The general theme of this blog is, as the name indicates, images with captions that involve some sort of humiliation and/or, as it turns out, frequently some sort of taboo relation between the persons involved.

Most of the captions are mine, but I do occasionally re-blog or post something I found on the web. I mostly write these captions because I enjoy it. If someone else happens to like it as well - all the better.

Non of the pictures are mine and if you own one of the pictures, let me know and I will remove it.

I wonder if the girls know that this is really a:

"Group picture of girls whose mothers sucked my big black dick."

Looks like a few of them might be looking to get some for themselves as well.

Your husband just pumped a huge load into my pussy. Your turn to work. Lick me out, and suck his dick big black dick hard for me again.

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After her mother ran away, things changed around the house. She hated having to pose for her uncle and cousin.

She could see her cousins eyes, hungrily taking in the view of her bra covered breasts, waiting to see real girl breasts for the first time in his life.

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Honey, my friends were so impressed when I told them you did my toe nails. 

Some of them might come over tomorrow and you can do theirs too.

- I know you need your husbands cum to get pregnant, and it’s that time of the month, but you husband just goes crazy when he sees me in these stockings. I will let him hump my closed thighs and watch him squirt in less than a minute.

- You can stay and watch if you like. Maybe eat his cum off my stockings like a good wife… 

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- I won’t tell you mother what you did, but you better come sit on my lap and put those udders in my face while you confess all your sins.

She knew what her step-daddy wanted, and this time he was going to get it. There was no getting away. She could feel his already rock hard dick through his pants as she sat in his lap crossways waiting for his greedy hands to molest her teen titties.

She knew what her father wanted to hear. She wanted to be a good daughter.

- Thats it father. Just keep beating your cock. Think about how well you did raising your little daughter to be a good christian slut. You can cum on my tits again like you did before.

My daughter modeling some of the expensive clothes and jewelry I just bought for her.

- Beat your dick Daddy. Let me see you spunk all over yourself. You know Step-daddy likes to hear about your wanking off to your daughter, while he fucks me in the cloths you liked the most.


Masturbatrixes often find it necessary to bind subjects when administering an extended unrelieved edging treatment..

My sister-in-law is a higly skilled mastrubatix who likes to share share mastrubation metholdodiges with my wife. Looking at her arm, I can tell she is avid practitioner.


"And try to get used to his taste. He will move in next week."


"Yah. It’s so cool. Having a nice boyfriend and even so, still having sex like being a single!"