The general theme of this blog is, as the name indicates, images with captions that involve some sort of humiliation and/or, as it turns out, frequently some sort of taboo relation between the persons involved.

Most of the captions are mine, but I do occasionally re-blog or post something I found on the web. I mostly write these captions because I enjoy it. If someone else happens to like it as well - all the better.

Non of the pictures are mine and if you own one of the pictures, let me know and I will remove it.

Being the manager at the department store has it perks.

Lifting her sweater reviled the stolen bra and panties.

- If you want to keep your job here, and avoid me calling the police, I suggest you do exactly as I say for the next 30 minutes.

Oh, and when I am done with you, you may keep the lingerie so you can look nice for your boyfriend - in fact I insist upon it. He should have sloppy seconds tonight. 

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Do you want to hear what your boss said about your raise?

With her husband in jail, and two kids to feed, she really had no choice but to submit to the landlords wishes. Hating every moment of it, she took off her top and bra and knelt down with her hands on her head.

A quick swat on her back made her arch her back and thrust her chest out.

- Now that you’re finally in the proper position, tell me again why I should let you stay? Keep in mind your sister is already sucking my dick before church every Sunday.

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You know your best friend is my new boyfriend.

You don’t deserve this, but I’ll still let you lick me out after he has finished cumming in me. 

From now on you will call me Mistress and remain absolutely faithful to me. Your dick remains in chastity and you cum when I say so.

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So your wife thinks it is cheating to kiss another women on the mouth?
To be frank, that was not something you would get to do anyway. You may crawl over here and kiss my feet though.

So your wife thinks it is cheating to kiss another women on the mouth?

To be frank, that was not something you would get to do anyway. You may crawl over here and kiss my feet though.

Sucking dick is part of the business and they know it. But actresses hate sucking small dick.

I can tell by the look on their faces that they both remember me and my tiny dick. But they know what is coming, and know they soon they will be servicing my small producer dick for another big role.

At this moment we are all just wondering the exact same thing - what face will I cum on this time.

Her daughter refused to display her nigger teen tits to my son today. 

An hour later my son is pounding his dick up mom’s ass for the third time.

As the lady of the house, I can’t tolerate that kind of misconduct from the staff towards any member of the family. 

- Next time your daughter refuse to display her udders to my son, she will be in here sucking my son hard for your next ass pounding.


Isn’t this a nice reward for you. You were such a good boy. Making me come three times with your tongue.

Just keep sucking. No touching. Do you remember before we married? I would wank you off all the time while you did this.

I am so proud of you. You have come such a long way.

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Okay - you have convinced me that you have potential. Come sit at your favourite uncle’s lap while you tell me all about your ballet-school plans and financial needs.

Girls working at the bar have to believe blowjobs aren’t cheating and that thorough inspections of their assets are necessary before they can enter the bar area.  


I want to try this! 😎😎

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She hated going to these events. Her agent always insisted she suck off one of his producer-friend’s cocks after the party.

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My wife made a rude comment to my secretary about showing too much cleavage in the office.

I decided to bring my secretary home so she could personally apologize to her breasts.


Elite Boudoir

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I know you miss having sex with your husband. Why don’t you suck him hard for me again after he cums in my ass tonight?